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Samsung Galaxy Muse: Odd Design But Functions Well

The Good: The Samsung Galaxy Muse is relatively affordable, small and designed for the purpose of pulling music from few Samsung smartphones without the need of a computer.

The Bad: it is impossible to use controls only by feel and they often get infuriating even when the circumstances are at their best. It is easy to lose the adapters and unique cables.

The Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy Muse is quite an awkward design for an MP3 player.

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Quick Specifications

Digital Storage / Capacity 4 GB
Battery Player battery
Flash memory installed 4 GB
Device type Digital player
Manufacturer Samsung
Part Number YP-W1NAL


Product type  Digital player
Flash memory installed   4 GB
Color Blue
Included accessories  Micro-USB cable, USB cable

Audio Features

Sound output mode Stereo
Additional features SoundAlive,  Built-in LED lights
Headphones type Binaural Ear-bud
Sound output mode Stereo
Connectivity technology Wired
Connector type                Headphones Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Battery Player battery


There have been MP3 players of strange designs in the past too, like MP3 player sunglasses, MP3 player shoes, MP3 players for toddlers and MP3 player keychains. But the Galaxy Muse could be the worst design of all, with navigation interface that cannot easily be seen or felt and infuriating when not working properly.

The Small And Odd Design

Like Apple iPod Shuffle, Galaxy Muse is about a wristwatch’s size. Some markings on the face show the volume touch-sensitive controls, Track Skip, and also Play/Pause. As the Muse is quite smooth, like a pebble of glass, there isn’t any way that the controls could be physically differentiated.

Samsung has set these controls to sleep automatically when they are not being used. Considering it to be impossible to touch volume-up button at the time the clip is pinched open, putting controls into sleeping might seem as a great means to keep people from getting their eardrums blasted accidentally. But this makes navigation quite unresponsive since you have to touch controls first to have them awake and then to perform their function. It could be infuriating when used repeatedly.

The device accessories left to be discussed are quite unremarkable. There is a headphone-jack at top, plastic clip at the back, power switch at right edge along with switches to shuffle and hold on left side.

Headphone jack doubles as data transfer and charging port as well which makes for somewhat neat design compared to the addition of Micro-USB port, though it comes with expense of not-easily-replaceable, two small adapters for the Micro-USB and standard USB.

The addition of two adapters makes it achievable to sync the files of music from either compatible smartphone of Samsung or through a computer. With the installation of an app( the Muse Sync) Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 are both compatible with Muse.

Features At A Glance

it is an MP3 player with 4GB, quite similar to Apple iPod Shuffle. It doesn’t have any screen or method to dial some particular album or song. Once Muse is turned on, one could hope for the song to be according to the taste otherwise one has to skip through the songs by using capacitive touch-controls on front. A switch towards the side could change the mode of playback to “shuffle all songs randomly” or play them sequentially.
Muse supports the audio formats like FLAC, MP3, OGG and WMA. Any support for the AAC is absent, that is the Apple’s choice of the music format.

An exciting feature of Muse is the capability to sync music from computer or Android device that is compatible. The adapter of headphone jack that could convert to the standard USB happens to be in use for the computer syncing in a traditional way. These little cables could  easily get lost and are difficult to be replaced.

Even with all the astounding ways of data transfer with the wireless technology built in the Samsung’s smartphones, Muse doesn’t take advantage of any.

There is also a switch for audio enhancement “Sound Alive” towards a side of player. As it is built into power switch, many users tend to activate it unknowingly while turning the device on, causing the Muse’s ear buds could be salvaged by the audio effect.

Performance Of The Device
The design, when compared to all other MP3 players, is quite odd.  Basic problem is that of the interface and the navigation, made quite complicated by Samsung.

The foremost issue with interface is its invisibility and the fact that it’s totally undetectable via touch. Icons are of dark color against an already dark and smooth surface. This leads to difficulty in adjusting volume or controlling playback on Muse quickly, without inspecting this device closely and in bright light.

The controls which are touch-based, require tapping them twice before they could function. The controls go to sleep after staying inactive for 5 seconds or so, in order to prevent accidental taps. This complicates things and to someone new to it, it would seem to have stopped working or very frustrating.

The life of battery is 6 hours, clip is plastic-made and the price $60 sounds absurd if it is compared with products like SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip at $40.

the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Muse embraces post-PC future is appreciable and the fact that many people then can download music to phone directly rather than transferring it to computer first. But the Muse doesn’t cater to the need of those who wish to take the portable MP3 player with them on a walk that could directly and easily siphon the music from phone.

Had Samsung not made the Muse so undetectable to touch and sight and unable to transfer songs wirelessly, it could’ve been easily recommended. But as for now, the design is simply the worst and its reference by Samsung as an accessory of smartphone, is not visionary.

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