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Set iPhone LED Flash Light Strength Using Gestures in Control Center

The system toggles in the iOS Control Center might get the most usage, but the shortcuts in the last row have their uses also. Among these shortcuts, the flashlight button is probably the most regularly used button. There are many situations when you are likely to need the flashlight feature that comes set in with iOS 7, although the LED at the back side of the device is not actually designed to be used for that function. For photography, the unchanging intensity level of the LED is okay, but if you are using the LED as a torch, it is better to have some additional level of control. Previously, we discussed Photo Torch, an app that lets users to set the intensity of the iPhone camera LED according to the need. CCFlashLightLevel does the same function, but this new release works from the iOS 7 Control Center. With this app, the users can use the CC flashlight toggle as a controller for the LED’s intensity level in a very suitable way.


Control Center flashlight toggle

CCFlashLightLevel can be called into action by pressing and holding the Control Center flashlight toggle. It will display a small slider placed on top on the icon. Swipe rightwards across to enhance the intensity of the LED flash. Swiping in the opposite direction dims the light down. To release this slider, and return the button to its normal form, only take your finger off the screen and wait for a few seconds.

While CCFlashLightLevel might seem to be a very simple app at first look, it also has some appealing customization options for the users. The app adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app, from where it is feasible to modify some basic settings connected to the level adjustment slider. The user can give the time duration for which he has to keep the flashlight shortcut pushed before the slider appears.

There are two more options available also; one dealing with the slider fades timeout and the other allowing the user to set the default intensity level of the LED. If you like the flashlight to return to the last-used intensity level every time it is turned on then turn on the ‘Remember Slider Value’ option. To help users understand all these options, the CCFlashLightLevel menu provides a complete set of information.

CCFlashLightLevel is a free app. Give it a try on your iOS 7 device by going to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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