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Sign Up For Food Lion MVP Account Profile

Create your food lion profile and enjoy access to an online tally of how much you have saved! Members will sign up automatically for emails to receive coupons, special offers, deals and so much more.


  • Go the link at www.foodlion.com/MyFoodLion/Profile/SignUp?ReturnUrl to create a new profile online.
  • You will see a registration application form. Fill out the required fields with the requested information.
  • Provide account information, enter your first name and surname.
  • Enter your residential address and city name in which you are living.
  • Click a drop down arrow to select the state of your residence and ZIP code of your area.
  • Enter contact information including your phone number and an email address.
  • Confirm email address by typing it again.
  • Create a strong password and enter the characters in the given field.
  • Type in again your password to confirm accuracy.
  • Identify either you already have a VMP card or not.
  • If you have a card, enter your 12 digit number in designated field.
  • Click the box to accept terms and conditions.
  • Lastly, click on “Save” button at the end.

Ending Note:
Sign up now, your account will grant you access to automatic savings, low prices, special promotions as well as personalized coupons.

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