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Social Features added to Flink’s Addictive Fashion App

The amazing fashion app Flink just received an update in the app store. As a reminder to the people unaware of this app, it is a perfect time passing app for all fashion enthusiasts and professionals alike. You can browse and look for the next big thing or flop in the fashion industry by viewing your favorite fashion bloggers and designers in a deeply immersive app. The developers understood the fact that without following social media conjunction of the app, the app couldn’t achieve better status so in this update, you can now follow your friends, find out which pages they have visited and what new avatars they have liked and so on.

Flink’s Addictive Fashion App

You can see what Flink is trying to create her. A community of fashion freaks and you might as well join the fun. You can browse the fashion blogs and by swiping, you can shift from one blog to another. If you find a design appealing, you can dive in a bit more and get photo shoots. There is also a button to see about the designer and where they are from. So you can get complete info and style away non-stop.

The new update allows the Facebook users to connect with their accounts for the first time. Similarly like the Facebook feed, you can find what you’re Facebook buddies are doing and what is generally trending on the app page. It is becoming a mobile fashion based social networking experience of its own.


The popularity of the app has already been good enough with almost 70,000 downloads over the last five weeks. You can browse the account without registering yourself but half of the users have signed in for proper accounts because it is necessary to interact to engage in the fashion business properly. With the addition of this new update, the users and downloads are expected to increase exponentially. You are tempted to swipe once more just to see another line of clothing. There have been over 2.5 million looks and many users have swiped countlessly. The trick is now to convince normal users to engage in the app too.

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