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Spin Remakes the iPhone Lock Screen Music Controls

I love listening crazy music on my iPhone while jogging. For this purpose I am always on the hunt for cool apps which allow me to manage my playlist during my workout.  The default iOS Lock screen Music app controls provided by Apple are just fine for this purpose buy they are not cool enough to complete my requirements and desires. Therefore I need a special and efficient system which could easily manage my music. One of the latest is Spin, it is the latest addition to Cydia store that offers a radically different Lock screen control system for the iOS Music app. Actually, IOS is equipped with facilities made by the people who think out of the box.


You can buy Spin in the Cydia Store for $0.99, and it’s optimized for iOS 7. Once installed, you’ll find that a new interface for the Lock screen Music app control system is available to activate from Spin’s dedicated Settings app preferences. Doing so will replace your old music visualizations with a new spin. The current status of the track is shown by a knob around the middle of the screen. Album artwork will appear in the mid of screen and in the surrounding is a circular toggle which enables you to see the position of the track you have played. Further down at the bottom of Spin, there are three more options buttons: previous track, pause and play, and next track.

Spin is a customizable tweak with a plenty of options like:

Enable: Go back to the ordinary lock screen whenever you want.

Background Artwork: When a song is playing, Spin can replace the wallpaper with a blurred version of the picture of the album art, if this toggle is turned on.

Lighter Blur: Gives you control of the blurring level of the artwork.

Larger controls: This option is for user comfort, which consist of play, pause, rewind and forward options. These are the primary control options for a music app.

Status Bar Clock: This option is important because the layout offered by Spin makes the Notification Center grabber overlap with the status bar clock to some extent. This option bothers some of our users, it is resolved by the status bar clock which allows you to see the time, and you simply have to enable this option.

Overall it a great update for music lovers which will provide music facilities to them as smoothly as never before. You can get the tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.


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