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SwitchSpring Offers an Insight Into Respiring All Apps from IOS 7 App Switcher

The distinguished dev team comprising Animer, and FlagPaint came up with a great gadget to remove all the apps that lie inside the iOS 7. The swift release of the iOS 7 jailbreak has led to the certain incompatibility issues. The infusion of new Cydia tweaks is slightly slower than normal. However, some things remain almost the same as before though that either add new features or improve upon the Apps of the OS. HASHBANG Productions provided suggestions to develop an insightful way to reboot the Springboard to quit all the apps that is quite suited to iOS apps. This wonderful app is called as SwitchSpring and very much like other tweaks it is available for free from Cydia Store of Big Boss repo.

This app is developed by distinguished SwitchSpring lets you kill all the apps from within the iOS 7 app switcher by removing the home screen card. The concept seems to be really great as well as native. It doesn’t end the stock look with more buttons; it just puts the idle part of the OS to fruitful use.

Obviously, the use of this app will not allow any removals from the lock screen very much like the provisions that comes up with popular multipurpose tweak SBSettings-a small explanation that is unlikely to dissatisfy anyone who is willing to use SwitchSpring for adjusting the looks of his screen.

If you are new to Cydia, and wondering how to install this new gadget, you need to go to Cydia app from your home screen. Put the option of SwitchSpring in the ‘search’ options. When you find the tweak, tap it to install. After that you need to restart the SrpingBoard that will allow your device to quickly reboot to make your tweak work properly.

Once this task is accomplished, you just need to double press the home button to launch the app switcher whenever you desire to restart the SpringBoard. You are then required to drag the home screen card upwards and out of the screen to remove it. Now you will see a dialog box with ‘Restart’ and ‘Quit Apps’ option.

It is highly likely that this feature will come up with all functions integrated into one tweak. It might become an integral part of the SBSettings, if and when it is updated for iOS 7. For now, we can safely say that iOS 7 is unique in its features that is currently available on Cydia.

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