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Syncplify.me Notepad: A Modern, Ribbon UI-Like Design for Programmers and Web Developers

Are you looking for a smart editor for programming, web developing, or coding? It is common to find text editors for Windows with variety of features embedded in them. At various forums , the effectiveness of the editors like ModernNote (that is a modern version of Notepad for Windows 8 and RT), TinyNotepad, Neechpad, and the text editing powerhouse, Notepad++ and its plethora of plugins. You will find many users opting for Notepad++ due to its rich set of features. However, those who are seeking balance between simplicity, good design, and features can provide Syncplify.me Notepad worth a try. It is a Windows application that besides carrying a minimal and elegant design, supports quite a large number of advanced settings for web developers, programmers, and coders.

Text editors are not merely used for the purpose of writing down the things for keeping in records, listing tasks or to-dos. Notepad++ carries advanced tools related to syntax highlighting and multi-tab interface that enhances he output of the programmers and web developers to achieve more in less time. Syncplify.me also carries these features. Moreover, it lets you edit the text files that carry the size larger than 4GB. You may search within the files to quickly remove the errors. You can edit two separate files independently in cascade windows.

Another very interesting feature of Syncplify.me is its ribbon UI-like design that is quite intuitive as well as easy on the eyes. It is also quite efficient for touch-based displays and devices that make the app, a very good alternative for Notepad++ for Windows tablet users. The ribbon contains three at the top named Edit, File, and Advanced, where Edit option shows all the general text editing tools.

Syncplify.me Notepad

Clicking the File tab allows you to open and view the documents saved in your device. It also lets you open the devices that you recently edited.

Syncplify.me Notepad

As mentioned already, this text editor is also very good for advanced users, coders, and programmers. From the Advanced Tab, the users can avail the options like Split Editor, Document Map, Find in Files, and Hash code calculator that supports CRC32, MD5, RIPE-MD 160, SHA256, SHA1, and SH512 algorithms.

There are more useful options like ‘Remove Empty Lines’ and ‘Trim Lines’ for reducing the space in documents. You can export the documents in HTML and RTF formats also.

Syncplify.me Notepad

Syncplify.me is valuable free tool for commercial and personal use. It works for nearly all Windows OS.

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