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Take Large Group Selfies by Pairing Two iOS Devices Using AirSnap

Do you want to take group selfies but finding it hard to do so properly? Well, you must have a very long arm, or a stand, or even ask someone to take the group photo in order to include you in it. So what if you have no stand for you camera or there is no person to take the group photo? Obviously, you will have to take the picture yourself, which means you will not be included in the photo. You do not need to worry because there is now a solution to this problem. You do not need to remove yourself from the group picture as the Airsnap feature has now been released as an update for the Camera Plus feature on iOS devices.


Airsnap removes your feeling of being left out of your group to take shots of you and your friends. You really do not need to run back and forth when setting the camera with a timer.

Airsnap allows you to connect or pair two iOS devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while one of the devices is used as a camera shutter or trigger button. This cool feature is useful in remotely controlling the camera. It simply means that you can take a photo of a large group of people including yourself by remote.

The users will only need to pay $0.99 in order to have this cool app. However, for those who have the Camera Plus function already installed with their device, they can get this app at no extra cost.

The team working behind this cool app, Robosoft, has said that beyond the beauty of the app, they have truly provided convenience for the users in taking group photos. Additional functions like the adjustment of the brightness, exposure, and other image enhancement features are also provided with this app.

Capture AirSnap

The developers further mentioned that they are currently trying to develop a function to store the images on the triggering device as on the devices that were involved, paired, or connected with, in taking the shot, and not only with the source device.

Airsnap works well with iOS 7 in remotely capturing the videos in addition to the snapshots. It also allows you to control the camera flash, switch-between-modes of the camera, and watch instant previews through the triggering device. With this cool app, you can also select the front and rear cameras.

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