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The Attractive Feedly For Android—Replacing The Google Reader!

As the Google Reader is sure to leave the internet world soon, there’s a better application Feedly for android is out there waiting for you. It allows you to access your RSS feeds, wherever you are, on your mobile. The developers of Feedly are of the view that once Google Reader is totally out of the market, offer smooth transition.

Where To Get It: Feedly for Android could be used by using your Google account.

Quick Specifications: It comes under the category of News Readers and aggregators with Android platform.

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer:  Feedly
  • Part number:    com.devhd.feedly

The Good: The app gives detailed suggestions, has many different layouts, shortcuts that are gesture-based and is much attractive if you compare it with the apps that come under this category.

The Bad: Unable to rearrange subscriptions from the app for mobiles. Lacks the two-panel view which is specifically required for tablets.

The Bottom Line: Feedly could be considered as one of the best mobile RSS readers. It is quite a visual magazine-like reader so might not be popular in those who were used to the Google Reader’s simplicity.

The application looks awesome, works great and also has two-way syncing with the Google Reader. It provides one with good suggestions, variety of layouts and other shortcuts, which makes it quite an attractive application in its category, though some users might consider it to be less appealing when they miss the simplicity associated with Google Reader. This Google app has some basic design associated to it, and includes mainly of lists and texts. Feedly, on the other hand, has a modern and bright look to it! Using the app, the artistic layouts and the images makes you feel you are reading a magazine! So, if you’d rather go for text, then Feedly might not sound striking to you.

Start By Subscribing To Sites!

To begin with, you can sign in with any of your Google accounts that you have. If you use Google Reader as well, then all the RSS subscriptions, posts and folders etc will be automatically delivered to your Feedly app! If you’r not an existing Google Reader, then you should initiate by recommending Feedly a couple of sites to subscribe to. To do so, use the Explore panel to the right of the screen on your Feedly app and search for any site based on your interest. There are collections of sites offered by Feedly according to the categories of interests, so that the new users know which sources are worth subscribing. The categories of collection could be design, Vimeo and YouTube channels, business or gardening etc. For subscribing, hit the “+” sign and then categorize it. Remember that contrary to the Feedly for desktop, Feedly for android app in mobile doesn’t allow you to subscribe to the entire category in one go! You are only allowed to add or delete items but you wouldn’t be able to reorganize subscriptions or rename categories.

Reading Feeds

As discussed before, Feedly makes use of an attractive magazine style layout and tiled Card layout with images. Even the “List” has thumbnail images to maintain the appeal of a colorful layout. You can also change appearance with the themes named five font styles and four font sizes.

Your navigation is arranged in the left panel, including tabs for recent content and that saved for later reading ,usually starred, and the different categories. As a tab is hit at, a magazine style cover page opens, with some prominent posts. By swiping to the left, other posts are arranged in a sequential order. You can expand any item by tapping on it!

Going on through the feeds doesn’t automatically mark them as read, as long as the default setting isn’t altered. You can give page a quick swipe upward or downward to mark all items as read or to undo the action respectively. If you don’t use these useful shortcuts, a post will only be marked as read when it’s expanded for full-page view. The two-panel view in the desktop version is much help, and the developers should consider including that in the android version too!

Additional Features!

Some extra features add further appeal to the app. These include the service of bookmarking —Pocket. With Feedly’s settings, put in your username and password, so that when an article is read, you can add it to “Pocket” list. The same could be done with “Instapaper” account.

Now, the choice between the old Google Reader and the enhanced and attractive Feedly is yours to make!

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