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The Conservative Styled, Yet Powerful Audi S6 2013

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The Good: The cabin technology is solid with data connection that is built-in to search Web for driver information, destinations and creating hot spot of Wi-Fi for passengers. The performance you will get with this 4.0-liter turbo charged car is going to be really an incredible experience on the roads.

The Bad: The ride and steering associated to it doesn’t offer anything much to the interest of driver and the Comfort or Dynamic modes of air suspension don’t hold much difference.

The Bottom Line: Conservatively styled yet having excellent cabin technology, performance on- road and other safety features, this Audi S6 is surely high-tech sedan.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Audi
Part Number: 101412863
Model: 2013 Audi S6 Quattro
Trim: N/A
Power Tain: 4.0-liter TFSI V-8, 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission, all-wheel Quattro drive
EPA Fuel Economy 17 city, 20 combined mpg, 27 highway,
Fuel Economy Observed 17.1 mpg
Navigation Standard with the Audi Connect
Bluetooth Support For Phone Standard
Disc Player CD/DVD Single-slot
MP3 Player Support Standard analog auxiliary input 3.5mm, audio streaming Bluetooth, USB/iPod via the Interface Audi Media
Digital Audio Satellite SiriusXM Radio, HD Radio, HDD Jukebox, slot for SD card
Audio System Bose surround 14-speaker audio system
Driver Aids Optional package of Driver Assistance with cruise control, the Audi Pre-Sense system of collision avoidance, blind-spot monitoring

S6 is traditional sedan having proper trunk and quite an upright stature. The appearance looks conservative than S7. The Q-car camouflage associated to it is helpful especially when you sit behind the wheel and onlookers goggle at the car breaking the speed limits with ease.

The Power TRAIN
Its fenders show the V8T badges and spec sheet displays the 4.0TFSI V8. This means S6’s powered by an eight-cylinder, 4-liter engine. Power at crank is maximum 420 horsepower, with torque of 406 pound-feet.

The engine has the technology for cylinder deactivation, letting it reduce number of the active cylinders to economize on fuel when more power isn’t required.

The S-tronic seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission supports sport and normal programs and mode of manual shift. Automatic and normal modes feature downshifts that are throttle-blipped are considered welcome addition, though it was found out that S6 has the tendency to start off a downshift when one is only slowing down for traffic signal. An increase of revs coupled with light pedal pressure at brakes for something that should be an even stop, cause this sedan to jerk forward clumsily. So the driver finds it better to do the driving manually.

Power, after leaving gearbox, is split in the S6 wheels through Audi’s trademark which is Quattro drive all-wheel. The system of “Drive Select” gives driver a convenient control over its throttle response, suspension system and electronic system of power-steering. For the Dynamic and Comfort modes, Quick settings put the sedan in sportiest or cushiest modes, respectively. Auto allows the computer to decide itself how S6 has to behave depending on the driving style.

Much difference couldn’t be noticed in the modes Dynamic or Comfort suspension. Both of them were quite grippy and with no compromising comfort. A noticeable increase in on-tap power and throttle response could be observed if Drive Selector is in Dynamic mode and gearbox in sport mode. Though S6 was quite damped to counter road noise, still firm suspension only allows a reasonable jerk transferred to the driver’s spine. Also the electronic steering feels somewhat muted, negating this car’s suitability to have sporty driving.

Anyway, all what S6 lacks when it comes to feeling, it makes it up in capability. The car performs incredibly in straight line, when around bends that are long sweeping or when it tosses forwards and backwards on some winding road.

The Cabin Tech Of This Sedan
The car is quite fully loaded and has a sunroof, premium trim of leather on interior and sport seat specific to S-6, a lot of interior illumination by LED, LED-lit door sills, four-zone control of climate and full infotainment system of Audi.

Infotainment system is viewed through the 7-inch motorized screen that rotated and slides and interacts with a system due to different physical controls. Most significant is the big control knob surrounded by large 11 buttons for shortcuts of different sections of infotainment system, like telephone, car options and media. This control knob could be twisted, pressed like button and bumped in all four directions. It is used for many purposes like selecting current source of audio or input of search terms in order to find destinations. There is touch-sensitive pad on center console on which the letters could be written with fingertip e.g. during input of search term. Another option to interact with infotainment system is the voice command.

S6 comes equipped with telematics system “Audi Connect” that connects infotainment system and Internet through a 3G connection which is built-in. Web could be searched, weather updates could be downloaded and the car could also serve as the Wi-Fi hotspot due to this Audi Connect.

One could pair the Web-connected phone through Bluetooth and provide the infotainment system easy access to the Internet connection it has and navigation maps gain power so that Google Maps could be downloaded.

The audio from all of the sources could be piped through standard “Bose Premium Surround Sound System” with fourteen speakers and amplification of 630 watts.

All About The Driver Aid Technology
The S6 is equipped with the “Driver Assistance Package” that upgrades standard cruise controlling system by adaptive tech for distance control which slows down the vehicle to a stop in order to keep a safe distance from the car which is ahead of it. With this system, car could be restarted and stopped in traffic. The package also has “Audi Pre-Sense Plus” system to avoid collision, the side mirrors with power-folding and blind-spot monitoring.

With an additional $1400, the Xenon HID headlights could be replaced with the LED headlights that have daytime running LED lights. The LED lights happen to be brighter, have much sharp cutoff and throw light in pattern which is very precise.

The Innovation Package is also available which adds “Active Lane Assist” to prevent unintended drifting from a lane, “Night Vision Assistant” along with detection for pedestrians and “Parking System Plus” that adds corner and top-view cameras to rear view standard camera with sensors for parking distance and active lines of trajectory.

Concluding Statements:
At the price of $17900, it is well equipped and with all technology, performance features and the cabin comfort drivers need usually. This sedan also comes with the package for Driver Assistance mentioned before and the LED headlamps.  With additional $1075 for paint with Estoril Blue effect, alloy wheels of 20-inch and summer tires for $1000, for inlays of Carbon Atlas an extra $500  and destination charges of $895, it sums up to the tested price $79270.

BMW M5 is the most prominent competitor of our car. M5 offers much better and powerful driving experience so BMW could be the driver’s car you are after. However, Audi is also fast but conservatively styled and also about $10,000 less in price. So, one should normally go for an S6 for day-to-day use and M5 for any track day.

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