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The New And Bold Look For Apple Macpro Desktop

At WWDC2013, New version is introduced by Apple of high-end Mac Pro desktop. This updated model does skip the Intel’s 4th-gen. processors of the Core i-series, rather sticks to the Xeon processors of pro-level. Though, it is design of latest Mac Pro which became the topic of conversation: instead of being large square box, new Pro happens to be shiny black shaped as cylinder which looks as it fell off engine of some starship.

Years ago, Steve Jobs also had same dream in G4 Cube, popular box gleaming minimally which was supposed to represent future of the desktop computers. Cube wasn’t any commercial success, rather cult favourite.

The New Design With New Features:

This current design of tower tends to be oldest in Apple catalog, varying a bit from the time it was known as G5 Power Mac. Till now, Mac Pro missed the USB 3.0 along with Thunderbolt and some other features that for many users of MacBook are taken for granted.

This new model happens to have a new and striking look.1st view that is seen from top, where circular design reminds one of the new planned UFO-headquarters by Apple. It is actually a black tall cylinder, though much smaller as compared to the tower which it replaced, fitting into 1/8th of previous volume of Mac Pro.

The components are constructed around thermal core in centre and specs include RAM of 1866GHz that’s faster, Xeon CPU by Intel, latest SSD storage which is faster by 2.5 times than the present SSD drives. Dual AMD FirePro GPUs appear to be supported, and system could output to maximum 3 displays of 4K resolution.

Why this significant overhaul now? The reason due to which previously Apple didn’t feel any need to have Mac Pro updated was because the device did appeal mostly to small, though steady audience of professionals and did not require flashy overhaul of iMac-style for bringing new audiences in. But, in many years since previous major overhaul of MacPro, computer industry dramatically shifted away from tower-based traditional desktops toward laptops, tablets, and even the touch screens “tabletop PCs” now such as Horizon 27 by Lenovo.

Is the bold design which is hardcore decidedly fit what the pros need? This is left to be viewed, though this look of MacPro did certainly make many WWDC attendees to sit up straight and take its notice. If the iMacs are to be Jedi, then MacPro for sure is Sith.

There isn’t any price information till now, though the latest MacPro should be expected later this year.

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