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The Small Kobo Mini E-Reader Review To Deal With Huge Competition

Where to Buy

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Quick Specifications

  • Release date:   10/12/12
  • Display type:   5 in
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):           4 in x 0.41 in x 5.24 in
  • Weight:           134 g

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer:           Kobo
  • Part Number:            N705-KBO-B
  • Supported Text Formats: Rtf ,Txt ,Html ,Epub ,Pdf

The Good: Kobo Mini is cheap e-reader, has touch screen of 5-inch, supports Wi-Fi, works with an e-book store with Adobe DRM pattern, and has battery that will run for a month if Wi-Fi stays off.

The Bad: The product could be more compact. The e-books selection is limited. Connection with a PC required for purchasing e-books from third party.

The Bottom Line: The Kobo Mini comes at an economic price, has a touch screen but might not be considered enough compact by all.

Those who are e-readers might remember about Sony e-reader PRS-350, without Wi-Fi at $99 some years back but now it has launched T-series at $129.99 in 2012. The small e-readers were really welcome. Now Kobo has introduced the 5-inch e-reader which is small, thin, with touch screen and at a price of $79.99.

It is a nice looking little e-reader which can be a bit zippier at times because of 800Mhz processor only but the users just expect it to be even smaller so that I could be put in shirt pocket too. Still, it’s the lightest e-reader to date with 4.7 ounces.

Some might consider the compactness of Mini troublesome.

Lot of people increase the font on e-readers so only few lines on a page of small e-reader would pose as a problem but the users who are comfortable with medium or small font find the device good enough.

The Design, Including The Specs

As far as specs are concerned, this model supports the old 800×600 Vizplex V110 display with an 800 Mhz processor. Compared to this, Kobo Glo has a display with high resolution and 1,024×768-pixel.
The infra-red technology is the same as is PRS-T2 and Kindle Touch. The display responds well to touch.

Connection for Micro-USB is at bottom whereas the power button is towards the top on the product. The slot for microSD expansion to add up extra memory is not present here.

The product doesn’t have any audio option just like other new e-readers.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s no headphone jack, since the Mini, like all of the latest e-readers, doesn’t have any sort of audio option.

The Kobo Mini is available in black or white basically but back covers of red, teal or purple colour  are available too.

Features That Would Might Interest You

  • Text Adjustments

The text on screen could be customized, and one can change the justification and margins along with the sharpness of some specific fonts. Though the contrast isn’t really good but with adjustment, it looks all fine.

  • Screen Refreshment

Another customization is the capability to set how often should the screen be refreshed to clear ghosting associated with e-ink. If someone doesn’t have any issue with flashing, he can adjust the screen to be refreshed quite often.

  • Languages

The features as Kobo-Picks that make reading recommendations according to your feedback and the feature of built-in dictionary supporting 13 languages are also included. Since Glo is international product, so the base language could be changed to other options.

  • EPUB Files

It is considered to be an open device that supports EPUB files that might or might not have DRM protection. Once Adobe Digital is installed on computer, EPUB e-books from a compatible store, which should not be Amazon or Apple, could be bought. This goes for library e-books too.

  • Works With Ios An Android

The device has apps for iOS and Android so syncing books that are bought at Kobo Store between different devices is possible but Kobo doesn’t support e-book lending that’s offered by other devices as Kindle.

  • Extra Features

In the section “Extras”, games as Sudoku and chess, sketchpad, and simple Web browser is found.

Opinion On Performance Of The Device And Upgrading!
Like other e-readers, Kobo Mini has improved over time and released an upgrade on firmware in December, 2012, that offered an updated screen and little performance tweaks. In the start, Mini had a battery that lasted only two weeks as compared to a month now (with the Wi-Fi off).

The speed is fine- the books open quickly and the pages also turn at a good speed, though it might appear a little bit slow if compared with newest tablets and gadgets.

Closing Comments

If you are looking for cheap, compact (but not too compact), light weight e-reader with a good performance, then you should go for it and especially if you are comfortable with the size.     
Again the matter of choice would come and you’ll have to select, particularly in US, from the entry-level Kindle at $69, Nook Simple Touch at $79 and Kindle Paperwhite with $40 more than entry-level Kindle. Depending on your preferences, it is hoped you’ll go for the e-reader you are most comfortable with.

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