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The Thinner Lenovo ThinkPad T431s At Your Disposal This April!

Where To Buy: Manufacturer’s website

Quick Specifications: OS provided is Microsoft Windows 8; display has maximum resolution 1600 × 900 and is 14 inch; has Intel CPU.

  • Manufacturer: Lenovo
  • Part Number:  Lenovo ThinkPad T431s
  • Notebook Type: Midsize
  • Height: 0.82 in
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Sustainability: 3.p according to Greenpeace policy rating (Nov 2012)

The Good: The slimmer model of ThinkPad T series, ThinkPad T431s, has enhanced features including five-clickpoint glass multitouch touch pad, two USB 3.0 ports and a screen that can bend to 180 degrees.

The Bad: no style enhancement compared to the previous versions and the cost $949.                            

The Bottom Line: With much improvements like five-clickpoint glass multitouch touch pad, bending of screen to 180 degrees and better specifications, it’ll be available in April at a price of $949.

The Newer Features And Their Comparison With Older Versions

  • Design And Keyboard

As was announced in San Francisco at Engadget Expand, this is a slimmer version of the ThinkPad T series, which was basically the series of 14-inch laptops that existed before ThinkPad X1 and considered to be the thinnest in Lenovo’s line. This newer version to come in April is not considered to be sexy, but it has definitely some of the style points taken down from X1. The weight is 3.6 pounds, with 0.82 inch thickness, carbon-fiber top and the undercarriage that of magnesium.  The keyboard is again the backlit island as of X1 and is large, with five-clickpoint glass multitouch touch pad which would be much convenient to use with Windows 8. You can still opt for Windows 7 if you want.

  • Other Features Including Storage, Resolution, Connectivity And Trackpoint

The ThinkPads do evolve and it has good impressive features this time too, like two USB 3.0 ports, RAM up to 12 GB, 14-inch 1600×900pixel screen, Intel third generation i-series processors, and the screen that can bend back 180 degrees. vPro, 4G LTE and 3G broadband connectivity could all be supported. Up to 256GB SSD or 5400 rpm ITB hard drive is supported too. T431s is much similar to X1 carbon as it has no optical drive, but there’s no touch-screen option, as opposed to X1 Carbon Touch. Yet, the red rubber trackpoint in the centre of keyboard is still there.

With the usage of carbon fiber reinforcement for durability, an improved keyboard for Windows 8 and the 5-point TrackPad,  the ThinkPad T431s offers the best first-class features. For the ones intending to grab the Lenovo ThinkPad, the wait will be over by this April and the starting price will be $949. The product is designed keeping the performance matters in mind rather than its look and according to Lenovo site, “the corporate standard goes to executive level” with this ThinkPad. It would be your perfect choice if you intend to travel around with it to work or elsewhere rather than any flashy or attractive looking laptops.

Wish you the best of experience with your new ThinkPad!

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