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Travelocity Rewards Offers Up To 6% Back On American Express Car

Travelocity gives you 5000 points on your first purchase and gives you additional points up to the 10000 bonus points. You can apply for the card to get your rewards points with a secure application with in few minutes. Access the offer online and grab your benefits.                                                7

  • Visit the link at www.barclaycardus.com/apply/Landing.action to see the details of the offer.
  • Read the benefits you will get from this offer and click on “Apply Today” green button.
  • You will access the application from to apply. Fill out the required fields with the accurate data.
  • Enter your first name, middle initial and last name. Select the suffix from the menu list.
  • Provide your payment address. This information is required to send you the checks and notifications through the express delivery.
  • Type the name of the city you are living in, Apt number, select the name of the state and zip code.
  • Choose the residence status form the drop down menu list.
  • Enter the time at permanent address. Identify the total time period you has been living at your current address.
  • Provide your financial and payment details:
  • Choose the occupation and total annual income include the income from all sources.
  • Choose the type of your bank account.
  • Identify either you want to use this card to get the cash at An ATM.
  • Identify how many times you use the any of your credit card to get the advanced form the last 6 months.
  • Select the option to get the express delivery.
  • Enter your contact information. This information is required to contact you if required.
  • Enter your primary phone number. This is another method to confirm you identity, company will contact you on this number to confirm your identification.
  • Enter your work phone number.
  • Enter your email address. You will be able to get the notifications and correspondence more quickly through email notification.
  • Identify your citizenship status.
  • Provide your security information. This information is required to protect the account.
  • Enter your date of birth, this is required to check the eligibility to access the account and once you get the card to check your identity.
  • Enter your social security number, this information is required for all the credit applications and for the account maintenance.
  • Enter your mother’s median name. This is required to check the identity when you call.
  •  Check the relevant boxes to receive the paperless statements.
  • Check the optional services.
  • Read the legal terms and conditions and if you are agree click on “Apply” green button.

Reward your self with the rewards and earn additional 5000 bonus points on spending $1000 on qualifying purchases. You can use these rewards points to redeem the gift cards.

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