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Tribune Digital Ventures Launches Audio app for News Junkies “Newsbeat”

Tribune digital venture is a great innovation of The Tribune. The company has launched Newsbeat which presents a practical combination of online audio streams of news in a unique fashion. After launching the tribune digital ventures, which were introduced as a technology arm of Tribune, it was necessary to design a new app which would present the audio news to the listeners. In this regard there are many apps that provides personalized audio streams to users, by mixing podcasts with other recorded audio streams then why this app?

Newsbeat differentiates itself by focusing only on the news of the day. People like the information that is more related toward their interests. It is designed in a way that so that the big news of the day will be presented avoiding unnecessary repetition. The user will be updated day by day with fresh news. Now the question is what will be the map of the design, the answer is, it includes a wide range of print and online content by Tribune news centers and its partners. The news stories are converted into audio streams with human voiceovers and the use of text-to-speech technology. It is easy to get updated with news by audio while you are doing work like driving, gardening or cooking. Newsbeat also provides the updates of weather and traffic for travelers on their way. For this, it gathers the data of the location to ensure that the updates provided by Newsbeat might help the users to avoid traffic jams and any other situations regarding their travel.


The app provides a mode of personalization that generally cannot be found on any other app providing the news content. When the user starts the app, there is an option to select the desired topics of interest to them. Also there is an option that from which publication they would like to receive the news. It also provides a support to advertise between the news segments so you won’t be interrupted in between your precious news. It is an app worth a go.

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