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Use Phoenix Mobile Apps And Access Your Classroom Through Smartphone

Use Phoenix Mobile 3.2 and access your classroom right from your smartphone. Schedule your day, access your courses anytime, anywhere. Connect with your classmates with just a click while you are on the go. You will be able to view your curriculum and marks, access your class schedule and learning teams, and even participate in the class workshops, discussions and more.


  • Access the link at portal.phoenix.edu/public/mobile.html from your web browser to begin the application.
  • Once on the page, click on “Google Play” button to get the app on Android device.
  • You will be directed to next page, click on “Install” button.
  • Start the application by signing in to your online account. Type in your username and password in respective fields to continue.
  • Follow directions to start downloading. Installation is simple and free.
  • Access iTunes to get the application for your iPad or iPhones. If you don’t have iTunes on your computer, get it to download the app.
  • Click on “View In iTunes” blue button and follow simple steps to install the application on your device.

Key Benefits:
Check your syllabus and grades and information posted by your instructor. Get real time alerts and access your learning teams and class roster. View class members and mark specific conversation poles and access university workshops.

Ending Note:
Managing your coursework is convenient and easy through your mobile device. Using the app, you will never miss your class, can access your classroom and always keep schooling while on the go.

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