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Check Search History At Ask

It happens most of the times with the people that they search any of the material on internet and then they get to do any other important work. In this way many of the people just lost the links and sites from where they found the material. Now this issue of people is easily solved when through the services of website they can easily view all their search history. Nothing will be hidden from them. They will get to see each and everything related to their search. There is restriction on them on viewing; they can view anytime they want.


  • Turn on your computer device.
  • Open up your web browser and go at the website of www.ask.com my stuff. Over there you need to check the options and see whether the history is enabled or disabled by you. Turn it on if it set to the off option.
  • Go at the option of Search History and see whether the button for ‘save my settings’ is enabled or not. If it is not then you just need to tick the box which will be present in front of it. Your history will then not be deleted.
  • If you click on the history button after changing the setting, you will not see anything. But after doing some search on various websites and getting the material you will get a lot of material which can be seen in the history later on.
  • You will get to see my stuffy searches in the web search folder and if there are any images then they will be visible in the pictures folder.

Tips and Warnings:

  • If any time you want all of your history to be deleted, and then click on the Clear Search History button.
  • For checking all your past history and search, you need to click on ‘Check all’ option.
  • By clicking the Delete button one can remove all the previous data and search history.
  • You can even print all the history by selecting and then clicking the Print button.
  • Make sure your cookies are enabled to see all the search history.
  • Only web related search and images will be saved by company.

About Company:

Ask.com my stuff allows people to search every kind of information from the internet. People can perform their tasks and can check their search history later on. Everything is managed and organized perfectly by them.

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