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Bank of America EDD Card Activation Guide

In cooperation with California’s employment development department the bank of America is releasing a special and unique kind of card named as bank of America EDD debit card. You will be mailed an EDD card from bank of America if you are determined and claimed for eligibility of disability insurance (DI), unemployment insurance (UI), and paid family leave (PFL). Then your card account will be automatically filled with your EDD benefits. Bank of America will not send you any more notifications once you have received your EDD debit card from bank. You can use your account after the time of a minute of the deposition of your EDD benefits.

About Company:

Throughout the world bank of America is the largest and massive financial and multinational banking service which is serving millions of people. Together with many other countries it is operating in every US state. California has introduced the employment development department which works with the bank of America for the management of benefits and also they provide resources for unemployed people which help them out in finding jobs.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet easily
  • You must have a EDD debit America
  • You must a claim and the eligibility mail from employment development department to have the EDD benefits
  • You must be adult or older


  • Visit: www.bankofamerica.com/eddcard
  • There is a button with text “activate my card”, click on it
  • Enter the card number in the required field
  • Enter the expiration date of your card in the field
  • There is a button on which “continue” is written, click on it
  • Follow the next given instructions to complete the activation process, after the activation you can use your card within seconds
  • For more information: FAQs or About EDD CARD


You are facilitated by this service in a way that now you need not to rush to the places where you can cash your benefits check, you just need to activate your EDD debit card and your account is recharged automatically and your EDD benefits are directly deposited into your account and you can have your money from any ATM machine any rime and anywhere you want.

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