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Enroll To Redeem Bank Of America Power Rewards Online

The bank of America power rewards are based on the concept of spend more ,earn more .you can get power reward points by shopping at power reward malls .These power reward points are allowed by retailers on most of the products but there are few exceptions as well like you can earn one point for each dollar spent .you can know about all the exceptions on the retailer details page The points you have earned will appear in your credit card statement within 60 days of product shipment.


You can redeem your power reward online for this

  • You must have to sign in
  • For signing in you are required to fill in information like your name, password etc


  • Go to www.bankofamerica.com/powerrewards
  • Before clicking anywhere, we recommend to sign in to your account
  • Enter your online ID and then click on “Check Your Site Key” if you don’t have and access to the account the click on the “Enroll now” , on the next page select the type of the account ,if you have chosen “Personal Account” then you have to enter “Credit Card Number” and “Zip Code” into the relative boxes.
  • And then complete the other registration steps to get online account here.
  • After signing in, at the main page you will see the section “reward yourself more” there, you will see the following types of your reward, merchandise, gift cards, cash, travel, charities you can select your power reward from followings.
  • After clicking your desired category, follow the steps at the next page very carefully to complete the process.


You can earn power reward points every time you make purchases at power reward malls. When your power reward points reach to the limit of just 2500 points you can easily redeem them for merchandise of your choice, gift cards, for direct cash, for air travel and most of all you can even donate these power reward points as charity.


It is the leading bank of America .it is one of the best organizations in America .Through a wide range of acquisitions bank has greatly expanded its business and is known for its excellent financial services provided to the customers.

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