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Get Chase Freedom Credit Card Online

When you use a credit card you want to know that you are getting value for money and when there are benefits from using the card you will be glad to own it.  A Chase Freedom card gives you some great benefits including not having to pay an annual fee, the ability to get 5% cash back when the card is used for certain purchases and also the chance to earn up to $100 if the first three months of use sees you spending $500 or more.

Applying For The Card:

  • You will need to go to the following website www.chase.com/creditcards .
  • go to the “Personal” button and click “credit card” link.
  • Click “apply now” button for chase freedom card.
  • First of all you will need to give some details about yourself and answer the following question.
  • You need to tick yes or no concerning bankruptcy and delinquent accounts in your name.
  • Now you need to give some personal details, starting with your name.
  • You can enter a middle initial but this is not vital.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Select your suffix from a drop down box.
  • Fill in your street address.
  • Enter your Zip code.
  • Enter Your City followed by the State.
  • Now give your date of birth.
  • Select your source of income.
  • If employed, enter your employers details.
  • Select the types of account you already own.
  • Give your annual income.
  • Fill in your residency statement.
  • State your monthly housing payment.
  • Enter a phone number and then a back up number – there will be times when you need to be contacted quickly.
  • Enter your e mail address and it must be a valid one.
  • Next, give your nine digit social security number – there will be boxes to fill in so put the right amount of numbers in each box.
  • Your mothers maiden name is need as a security check.

This may seem to be a lot of information to give, but it is vital that the person who is getting the credit card can be identified. Considering the benefits involved it is worth the time you spend applying.

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