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Take Part in CiCi’s Pizza Guest Loyalty Survey To Win Coupons

People after coming back from their favorite restaurant chains or stores can take part in the surveys very easily. For this they just need to go on their websites and complete the whole procedure. It is very important for the people to know all the basic requirements before participating in the survey. Few of the companies set the age limit for people and other set limit upon the citizenship. After getting aware of all the limits and things, you can proceed to take part in their survey. The process of taking part in the survey is very easy.

How To Take Part?

  • Go at the restaurant chain and order your favorite pizza. After eating the pizza, you will get a receipt from them. Make sure that you keep that receipt with yourself otherwise you would not be able to take part in their survey.
  • After coming back home, switch on your computer and connect the internet.
  • Type the web address of their website www.cicisvisit.com for taking part in the survey.
  • Go at the option of survey on their homepage.
  • They will ask you to write the store number on their site where it is required. Provide it in the place where it is needed.
  • Enter the date from your receipt.
  • After this you will be allowed to enter into the survey.
  • All the questions of the survey will appear right in front of you. Answer each of the questions one by one.
  • Make sure that you do not skip any of their questions otherwise you will miss the chances of winning the grand prize.
  • Give your personal and contact details to them in the places where it is needed.
  • Also include your contact number and click the Submit button.


By taking part in the survey you can win great many prizes by providing your contact number and complete address to them. You will improve the company greatly and you will get to see great changing’s in their services. Being their customer it is your duty to fill their survey honestly.

About Company:

It is located in Texas, United States. Over there people get the chance of eating pizza’s of great many types. The taste of each of them varies from one another. The prices of all these pizzas are very much affordable for all the people.

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