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SignUp Corrlinks Federal Prison To Send & Receive Emails

Now you can contact your loved ones who are incarcerated in prison through corrlinks systems. This is a system through which you can communicate your loved ones, relatives, friends and family members who are kept imprisoned through email.

About  Company:

Federal bureau of prisons has established an official inmate emailing system that allows people to send and receive emails to the people of outside the prison, named as corrlinks system. The prison keeps a check on what messages are being sent and received. A prisoner is not allowed to wait or see his feedback messages for couples of days; instead the prison authority allows him two to three hours for the reply. Only plain messages are allowed for the prisoners to receive and no picture messages or videos i.e. multimedia messages cannot be sent to the inmates. This system is not fully free instead minimum charges are applied on this mailing system.


  • How To Sign Up Corrlinks System:
  1. If you receive an email from corrlinks, write down your identification code which is given in the email for the sign up purpose
  2. In “new users” parts of corrlinks system click on the “register” button, if you are first time user
  3. To create your account write your password, email address and enter your identification code which is provided in the email from corrlinks
  4. It will take about 30 minutes for completion
  • How To Send And Receive Emails:
  1. Visit  www.corrlinks .com
  2. Enter your password and email address to login
  3. From your address book enter the number of intimate number of the person you want to mail
  4. If the person you are willing to contact is federal inmate you are supposed to add that inmate in the contact list with your identification code
  5. There is an option “mailbox” click on it
  6. Click on “new message” to compose and send a message
  7. When you get a corrlinks message you can be informed by mail alert which you can set from account management.


  • You should know the inmate number of one you are going to communicate
  • You should fund your corrlinks account with your VISA or MasterCard if you are contacting with an inmate of country facility or subscribing states.


The members who are far away from you in the prisons can now be communicated with this system.

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