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DEA Diversion Applications Online Is Allowing Free Renewal

A large number of the depressants, narcotics and stimulants fabricated for authentic medicinal utilization are liable to misuse and have, hence, been carried under legitimate control. Under elected law, all organizations that import, fare, produce, or circulate regulated substances; all health experts authorized to apportion, direct, or recommend them; and all drug stores approved to fill medicines should enlist with the DEA. Registrants should follow administrative necessities identifying with medication security and recordkeeping. It is likewise committed under global settlements to screen the development of licit regulated substances crosswise over U.S. fringes and to issue import and send out grants for that development.


  • You are required to fill in DAE number.
  • Enter your SSN and Tax ID to get login


  • Go to the site www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov to get online application access.
  • On the homepage see at the right hand side the heading “Quick Link”, you will see the first link over there “Renew Applications Online” click on it.
  • You will see the table where you will see two column and 3 rows, in three rows you will see the link required to accomplish this task and the description on the next columns.
  • Click on the first link at first row to login, as you will click on it the new page will be appear first you have to read the whole description about the renewal process and then scroll down the page to fill out the form.
  • Enter “DAE number” with any sensitive case.
  • Enter your last name or businesses name.
  • Provide them your first name with nay sensitive case or any character.
  • Type your SSN and Tax ID also select the date of expiration of the registration.
  • Enter your zip code and then click on “Log in” button.
  • After logging access the online application fill it with accurate data and get this service.


  • You can get this service by this online website on very low payment.
  • You can immediately get the status of the acceptance of your application here

Closing Statement:

Preoccupation examinations include, however are not restricted to, doctors who offer remedies to street pharmacists or abusers; drug specialists who misrepresent records and consequently offer the medications; representatives who take from stock and distort requests to blanket illegal bargains; solution counterfeiters; and people who confer equipped theft of drug stores and drug merchants.

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