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Do DirecTV Online Satellite Bill Payment

When any company gives people the facility of paying their satellite bill or any other bill online, people rush towards availing this service. They know that by joining and becoming the member of that company, they will get to enjoy great many benefits. The most difficult task for people these days is to pay their bills by standing in long lines. By keeping this problem in view, now companies develop the way through which the people can pay their bills online. This facility provided by DirecTV has created much ease for all the people.


  • Open the website of DIRECTV for accessing their services which is www.directv.com .
  • Over there you will get to see many different options like the schedules of all their programs, packages that are available on their site and also the price that is set by them on viewing any of their programs.
  • For accessing all these services, you need to go at the option of My Account and click on the register button.
  • Enter your last name, phone number and zip code and click on “Continue”.
  • Create your UserID and Password and get message for successfully completing registration.
  • Enter all the other information that they ask from you. Make sure you provide all the correct information to them and should not do any fraud.
  • Make sure you remember your email and password because you will need it for logging into the site.
  • In case you forget your password, you can click on the Password Recovery option.
  • Click on your account after signing in and open up the Billing option.
  • Over there you will get to all type of payments made you. For paying your bill you can click on the Payments option.
  • Enter the credit card number into the related field and pay the exact amount of money.
  • Click the Finish button in the end.


DirecTV offers great number of benefits. By providing the facility of online billing, they save the time of people. Within just few minutes you can now pay the bill for your satellite.

About Company:

DirecTV is a satellite company in the United States. Their networks are spread in various locations of the United States and are highly appraised by the people. Day by day they are improving their services which result in their high demand. People prefer using their services because of great quality.

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