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Create An Online ID At Dish Network

To manage a subscription account on internet a service is introduced by dis network. A subscriber of dish network can login and maintain his account by getting registered to online ID. The registration process is much uncomplicated and very easy to be done. Dish network account is accessible and can be managed more conveniently and with ease by creating an online ID. You can pay your bill, check status of your account also can change account preferences, can change your subscription details and also you can update your account information.

About Dish Network:

In the United States, the second largest network that provides satellite broadcast programs is dish network. Interactive television, satellite television and audio programming are types of programming offered by dish network. They have 24,500 employees may more than that which handles about 14 million customers. Dish network is located in Colorado and it is a fortune 200 company.


  • You should have a desktop, PC or laptop which can access to internet easily
  • You must be regular customer of dish network
  • You must have a 16 digit account number
  • You must have a 10 digit receiver number
  • You must be the resident of the country in which the dish network is working
  • You must be adult or older to understand the terms and regulations mentioned by the network
  • The information given by you should be exact and accurate so that you may not face any kind of problem while logging in to your account.


  • Visit: www.dish.com/myaccount
  • There is an option “create online ID”, click on it
  • Enter the account number which is of 16 digit, which you can have on your monthly bill statement
  • Enter the receiver number of 10 digit, which you can find by pressing twice the menu button from your remote control and receiver is given on dish network system info screen
  • By following the next instruction complete the registration process
  • After completing the registration process you have created your online ID and now you can login and start managing your account
  • If more information regarding registration process is needed you may visit the following link www.mydish.com/support/


Creating an online ID on dish network brings a lot of ease for its customers by saving their time as well as money.

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