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File Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits Claim Online

The unemployment benefits of Pennsylvania offer temporary or short term compensation to those persons meeting the eligibility needs of the law of Pennsylvania. The labor and the industry department of Pennsylvania and administers of unemployment office of other state has its own program of unemployment insurance within the federal guidelines. Value of the unemployment benefits in the Pennsylvania varies from the other state due to every state office of unemployment applies its limits and formulas when calculating a level of the unemployment compensation. Duration of the unemployment benefits in this state may differ as well from the other states of United States of America.

Detailed Guide:

  • Visit : www.dli.state.pa.us
  • To look you are eligible for the unemployment benefits, you should click on the link which is marked as the about the eligibility.
  • If you think you’re eligible for the benefits then you should click on the button which is marked as file the initial claim, this button is placed right side of this web page.
  • After this select the language, click on the English button
  • To continue the process click on the button which is marked as click here
  • Then the questions regarding to the unemployment compensation appear, click on the button of click here if you would like to go directly on the application, this button is placed at the bottom of this web page.
  • In this page you will get the information about the requirements to file the unemployment compensation
  • Click on the button which is marked as click here with the application and go to the application form
  • Type in your social security number, first name, last name, mailing address, resident address, telephone number, fax number, valid email address, date of the birth, and the other required information into the required fields
  • After putting all the information in the required fields, click on the button which is marked as next to go to the next section of the application.
  • Follow all the instructions to complete the application


The unemployment compensation is also called as the UC is the cash paid to the employees who’ve lost the jobs through the no mistake. If you are eligible then you can file the unemployment benefits, the procedure is very easy and simple.

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