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Submit Online Application At DMV For Driver’s License Renewal In Virginia

This website is providing the best online services for Vehicle documentation and license services. They are providing the legal document passed by the government to the users. They can apply for the driver license, commercial driver license, driver license renewal services. They allow the customer to pay for these online services and get the legal authorization for driving.


  • You can only access this service when you are citizen of Virginia.
  • You must have old license copy and details for the new license.


  • Visit this site www.dmvnow.com and access the online licensing services at this website.
  • On the home page see the main menu at the top of the page and click on “Online Services”, a list of all online services will be appeared.
  • Click on “Driver License Renewal” you will be navigated to the next page where you have to enter some details.
  • Enter “Customer Number” or SSN number in the first box.
  • Provide your “Date Of Birth” and then click on “Continue” button.
  • Then get online application for the driver license and fill with accurate data to provide you the new license.


  • This online service with less convenience fee you can get this service online.
  • You can use your credit card details for the renewal payment.


By using this service you can renew your driving license by using this online service. You have to pay by credit card and some convenience payment will charged you for this service. You have to provide them your previous license, inform then if you have paid any traffic ticket. You need to provide you all previous records. You cannot drive your vehicle until you will not apply for the new license.

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