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How To Apply Fingerhut Credit Account By Web Bank

If you are looking forward to acquiring a shopping card that can used in United States then you can apply for Fingerhut Credit Account at Web Bank. You can use this card for purchasing various items of name brands. The issuer of this card is Web Bank and therefore you would need to go to the Web Bank website in order to register and obtain this card. The main aim of this card is consumer shopping and shopping only.


  • Visit: www.fingerhut.com , click on “apply for credit” on the top right menu.
  • Choose the desire box, like “new customer” or “returning one”. Enter your email address to get access code and click on continue.
  • A submission form will be open, fill out First & Last name, Addresses, City, Zip, Home phone, SSN, DOB, Annual income, catalogue.
  • Choose your desire password against your mentioned email.
  • Choose whether you want to receive e-statement or not.
  • Accept terms & conditions. And click the button “submit application”.
  • There are three types of Fingerhut Credit Card types available to choose from at Web Bank and they are Shopping Card, Card for Bad Credit, Instant Decision Card.
  • You can choose one of the above-mentioned card types according to your requirement.
  • If you do not have, good credit in your account still makes you an eligible candidate for this consumer-shopping credit card.
  • The grace period provided by them is of 25 days and the minimum finance charge in case you are late is just $1.00. Moreover, the APR on purchase made, all kind is, 24.90%.

Tips And Warnings:

The following benefits come by default when you have your very own Fingerhut Web Bank account and credit card:

  • Online credit card access is by far the most prominent benefit of this credit card. It adds the big bonus of convenience to your platter.
  • You will get Pay back points after every purchase that will allow you to make more purchase through this card.
  • The monthly payments will be totally depended on the budget that you can easily afford every month without facing any difficulty.
  • Fingerhut Credit account can be use to do phone shopping, catalogue shopping and online shopping.
  • You can stop whenever you want despite of the fact that your application might still be pending.

The card thus obtained from this process allows you to pay the price of your purchase in installments rather than paying it up all at once. If you have sufficient credit and funds to make the required monthly payment, you will be able to get hold of a Fingerhut credit card quite easily.

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