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Verify Your Medical License At Florida Department Of Health

While many of us know our doctors well and will have been registered with them for years, there will be times when we need to be treated by strangers. At such times it is important that we are able to find out a lot about the people who are being entrusted with our health and important for the medical license holders to have a way of showing that they are correctly registered. The only ones that will show are the ones registered by the MQA.

Verifying Your Medical License:

  • To begin you need to log onto the website that covers medical licenses and that is www.flhealthsource.com .
  • Once you are on the home page click the option “verify a license”.
  • You get the option to search current licensed providers, previously licensed provider or all.
  • The first piece of information you need to put in is your first name.
  • Next you need to enter your surname and again there is a box for this.
  • The next box is a drop down box and in it is a list of the medical professions that are covered. Click on the job title of the person whose license you are trying to verify.
  • The box underneath is where you need to fill in the name of the business.
  • Next is another drop down box and you selecting the county they practice in. The final box is where you enter the number of the license. It must be the prefix and number that is added. Don’t leave any spaces or colons when entering it.
  • Finally you have to click on a button that says “find provider” and this will take you to the person you are searching for.

In order to verify a license you do need to have a lot of information about the person but none of it is information that should be difficult to obtain. As long as the information is entered correctly you should soon have the information you want. All of the people registered will obviously be in Florida so if you are looking for someone who practices outside the state this will site not help you.

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