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Get Discount In Foot Locker Shoe Retailers Survey

Large retailers want to know what your experiences are and shoe retailers are very competitive.  The main reason for the level of competition is the number of players in the market and also the amount of money spent on marketing.  And yet the most popular means of attaining new raving fans of brands is by word of mouth and friend referral to a brand.  For this reason in a market of lower resources, increased competition, and higher prices the customer experience is more important than ever.  Brands who want to create loyalty reach out to their most important asset, their customers.

  • To assist fill out the survey go to www.footlockersurvey.com
  • Select your language.
  • Enter in the five digit code on the receipt to enter the store code.


  • After this proceed to the question section and continue to the questions.
  • Answer questions on customer service, experience, choice and other elements to ensure that the corporate management has ideas about how your experience was at the store.
  • Companies value your opinion because it allows them to research what areas of the customer experience that needs to be improved and which ones are being handled effectively.
  • The critical elements of the customer experience involve affordability.  How affordable is the product in question?
  • Friendliness: How friendly were the associates which assisted at the store.
  • Knowledge: How knowledgeable were the associates and how detailed were the answers they provided to questions about the product?
  • Selection: How was the selection of brands, colors, and other items which were available for purchase?
  • Transaction: How was the speed of the transaction as well as the processing experience at the register?
  • Upcoming discounts: Did the sales clerk inform you of other locations and specials which are upcoming?  Did the clerk tell you about upcoming promotions as well as current ones?
  • All of these questions enhance the customer experience and the company also gives a loyalty discount to the client for participating in the survey.  Loyalty pays back in dividends for customers.

Help them assist with their research and also get a discount!  This enables them to know what brands are great to you and also drives your demands as a customer experience.  Make sure to take part and to make the experience better for everyone.

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