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Join Hilton Team Member Travel Program

It is a chain of hotels and it has introduced a new offer for employees. They are providing rooms for their employees on affordable amounts with discounts. This service is openly available for the full time or part time employees of Hilton all around the world. You can sign up for this offer by going to the Hilton family travel program and team member and getting online to it, a regular part time or full time employee can book a room on Hilton hotels at discounts rates which are special as well as affordable. This service is simple and easy to approach and the most important is that it is all free of cost.

About Hilton:

All over the world in 76 countries and at 540 locations there are Hilton hotels which is in hospitality is the most famous name. Hiltons focus especially on business travelers but they also they also provides hotels of leisure style as well as resorts. According to the travel needs and to fulfill your desires different type of hospitality is offered by ten different brands operated by Hilton.

Detailed Guide:

  • The website which you have to visit for this purpose is www.hilton.com/tmtp
  • There is a button “begin here”, click on it
  • Click the button “find it” after entering your location information
  • Click the button “marked” after confirming your location where you want to work
  • Some terms and conditions are shown after reading them click on the button “accept”
  • Click the button “find hotels”, after entering all the details about which type of hotel you want on what location
  • Enter your credit card number and personal information for the sake of reservation
  • Take your confirmation number validated by Hilton team member travel program passport to human resources department.
  • The HR department is responsible to issue a signature passport which you have to bring to the hotel you have chosen for your stay
  • For any other information regarding your confusions you can visit the following link tm.hilton.com/en/tm/help/tmtp_faq.jhtml


  • An internet accessing computer
  • You must be a full time or part time employee
  • This program is only to be used for leisure travel
  • You must be an employee working in USA, Puerto Rica, Costa Rica, Canada, Bahamas, or Mexico


Employs can enjoy their travel by using this service. This is easy to get and is free of cost.

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