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Access Your IBenefitcenter Account Online

It is better if we are secured. A lot of people believe that is a great choice to invest in the future so they can be financially secured. Because of this, many people put their money on investments company that they trust to take care of their money until they retired and settle down.

IBenefitcenter  is the online website of Putnam Investments. The said website will help you in managing your benefits in your retirement plan. And in order for you to get access to your retirement plan/ account on the said website, you have to login using your user name and password.

How Do I Sign- In To My IBenefitcenter ?

  • Go to the main website of IBenefitcenter www.iBenefitcenter.com. Your web browser will direct you to the login page of the site.
  • In the login page, enter your username and password.  After which you will be directed to the home page of the website and you can now access your account.

This Is My First Time To Sign In, And I Don’t Know My User Name And Password. What Will I Do?

  • Go to the main website of IBenefitcenter. Your web browser will direct you to the login page of the site.
  • Since it is your first time to login to the website, you will find your username and your password on the enrollment material given to you. Enter the following information on the required field.
  • After you have login for the first time, you will be directed to set a new username and password for security purposes. Follow the standards of the site in creating your new username and password.
  • After changing your username and password, you will be tasked to put up three security questions just in case you forgot your username or password. Take note that you should remember all the answers to the security question to keep your account private.

If you have other issues and difficulties in accessing your account, you can contact them at 1-800-152-9917 for further assistance.

It is indeed a great choice to invest in our future. It will help us to feel secure for tomorrow. And is a good thing that technology, in the form of IBenefitcenter, is helping in letting us protect the money we are investing better.

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