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Win Prizes In Kohls Survey

It is always the prime goal of large retailers to make sure that their customers are happy.  This means market testing different kinds of fragrances, clothing, fabric and goods to guest’s satisfaction.  The top retailer experiences are a blend of interactive demonstration, careful marketing, and placement of new and enticing brands.  When staging the goods for display it is always the preference of the customers to see the newer and trendier items in front of the older items.  This means that when the customer comes into the store they will see them upfront and have the ability to reference these items against what has been seen in magazines.

  • Go to www.kohls.com/survey click on get started and then enter in the store number and the access code.  Then follow the series of questions to talk about your experience as a customer.  A few elements discussed here are listed below


  • Affordability: Are the items in Kohl’s affordable and is there a large range of discounts available to consumers?
  • Trendiness: Are the items trendy so that you as a consumer feel like you can be in style and wear all the most recent fashions?  You want to feel that you are able to keep up with all of the trends and still do it at a reasonable price.
  • Friendliness: Was the staff friendly and helpful during your experience?  If you needed to try on clothing did the sales attendant help with different sizes and options to wear?  Also were colors and kinds of other similar items suggested to you as you were trying on clothes?
  • Knowledge: Did the clerk have knowledge of trends, brands, and history of garments?
  • Point of Sale Checkout: Was the process of checking out easy and fast?  Did the clerk smile and tell you about upcoming specials and sales?

Kohl’s as one of the largest retailers caters to the needs of the customers to make sure that they have the upper hand on competition and are able to follow market trends.  Many of the large chains also hire undercover shoppers to make certain that their sales people are up to par.  Help them stay up to date and be competitive.

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