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Access Louisiana Work Force To File Unemployment Benefits Online

The rate of unemployment is increasing rapidly and due to this reason the number of applicants for one job opening is increasing with a very rapid pace. The reasons are different but the main problem is that living without a job is directly proportional to committing a suicide since eventually you will end up all your savings and will be left to starve and if you are a person who has a household to manage then it will be much worse.

How To File Claim?

First of all you will have to visit the website www.laworks.net .

  • Then you will have to click on the “online services” link at the top of the page.
  • Click on the link “file weekly UI claim benefits”.
  • On next page you can see the information about the claim. Read it carefully and click “proceed” button and follow further instructions.
  • In the respective fields, enter your
  • SSN
  • PIN
  • Click “log in”.
  • You will get a form. Fill the form for your claim.
  • If you cannot access the website or if you do not have an internet connection then you can simply call them and talk to an agent. It might happen that the line goes on busy for quite a long time since it is a very busy department but keep on trying until you succeed.
  • The next step for you will be to visit the nearest LWC office where you will be interviewed. In order to pass the interview you will have to dress nicely and answer clearly and honestly because each and everything about you will be verified.
  • Make sure that you bring all your documents.
  • Now wait for them to contact you and make sure that you keep the copies of the document you send them.
  • Once you have been approved you will be given all the details regarding your benefits and the instructions as well.
  • Also keep on searching for your job so that you can be supporting yourself as soon as possible.


The department supports the people and takes off the stress of money from them. it not only helps them in finding new jobs but also supports them and makes sure that people live happily and can search for the right job for them in a relax condition.

About LWC:

It is the department created for the unemployed people and for their help in every way no matter that it is financial or instructional.

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