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Sign In To Get MetLife My Benefits Online

MetLife is one of the leading insurance providers that cater to millions of clients worldwide. At present, It offers customers an easy and convenient way of updating and managing their benefits through an online portal My Benefits. Through this online service, its clients can now manage their accounts with ease. It is the leading name in the insurance industry and financial services with more than 150 years of experience. The company is also among the biggest providers of employee insurance and benefits program, annuities and other financial products. It is operating in sixty countries with about ninety million customers worldwide.

To avail of the service and use their site to view and manage your benefits, see below for the complete instructions.

How To Sign Up?

To start the registration process, you will need a computer with access to internet. You must also be an employee of a company that uses the financial services offered by the company. Another requirement is a valid email address and your social security number.

  • Just below the account sign in option, type in the name of the company on the specified field.
  • Click the “submit” button.
  • If the company has similar names, you will be given a list of company names. Choose on the list the exact name of your company and click the submit button.
  • The next will be to input all your personal information and create your name and password on the specified fields. From the drop down menu, you will be asked to choose three security questions and type in your answer on the required field.
  • Tick the box below the terms and conditions if you agree.
  • Click the register button at the end and complete the entire registration by follow the onscreen instructions.

Signing in to access your benefits with the company online is one of the most convenient ways of managing your benefits. You no longer need to call the customer service or request from your HR if you need to verify something.

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