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Use MI Bridges Account To Apply Online For Benefits

MI Bridges now permits qualified applicants to request advantage from it. Any one meets the prerequisite has the ability to record a case for Food Assistance Program or State Emergency Relief-Energy. When you have completed the provision structure, it will be sent to a DHS Office, and you will get reactions whenever this would work out the best.

Requesting advantage at here is reasonably favorable, speedy and proficient. It just takes you several minutes to fulfill the provision shape. All you need to do is take after the steps and finalize significant inquiries. You will get input extremely soon. Also once your scenario is affirmed, you will get advantage quickly.


  • You must have online account to access this service.
  • You may know about if you have already an account then you have to just login and fill the application.

How To Apply?

  • Visit this site to get access this service “www.michigan.gov/mibridges”.
  • On the homepage click on the button “Am I Eligible” to check weather you are eligible or not.
  • Come back to the home page and click on the link “apply for benefits’, On next you will see the several radio button to choose, if you are new to start application then click on the option “Start a new Application” click on “next” button.
  • After that on the next page click on the “Create An Account” to create online profile.
  • You have to fill the form and start entering details provide your name detail in first.
  • Create username and password for online profile.
  • For the recovery of your account choose the security questions and give the answers of the answers. After that accept the agreement by checking the box.
  • Click on the “Create Account” button and next choose the benefits application and start filling it with accurate data and finish the process.


  • You can apply online for the benefits and you can get medical, health and other benefits.
  • These benefits are provided to you for the betterment of your life, you can get all that you want to have.

Closing Summary:

Provided that you need to request profits at this administration, then do it online at this moment! It’s straightforward and simple. It will offer what you require.

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