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Get My Aflac Online Account Access For Benefits

Logging on to your Aflec online is as simple as can be and when you register there is an e mail sent to you at the e mail address you provide. It is only when you have clicked on the link it contains that the online account is live and you can log in. This is to prevent fake accounts being set up and inaccurate e mail addresses being given.

When you are registering you will be asked to provide a username and this is your e mail address – this keeps it simple and stops you having lot of different things to remember.

Log In:

  • Go to the page that is specially set aside for the logging in process. This can be found at www.myaflac.com
  • Check that you are familiar with the terms and conditions as often they are forgotten and you could find you break them without intent.
  • Make sure that you are aware of your user name as they will be different for certain groups Employees – your user name is one of a variety of numbers that you will be sued to using. This can be your social security number, E number or V number. Whichever one it is, it is the one that you normally use to log on and the same applies to the password. Associates/Agents and Coordinators – for you, your username is the beginning of the Aflec e mail address you have – everything before the @ symbol but nothing after.
  • It is important to remember that as with many online forms, both usernames and passwords are going to be case sensitive. You will not be able to log on if your cap locks are on when they should be off or off when they should be on. Just having the right details is not enough.

Never try to log on to your account by way of Auto Complete and if you are set up to do this normally then it must be altered. To avoid others guessing your details and logging in it is important that each letter, number and symbol is actually typed so as it is only you who has access.

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