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Check Your Balance At Target Gift Cards

You can almost guarantee that you can remember exactly how much you have on your Target gift cards until you come to use them.  There are a number of ways to check the balance but in each case you must have the card with you as you will be asked for some of the information that appears on it.

Checking The Balance:

  • If you are an existing user you will be used to the process but if you are new you will need some help. Start of by logging onto the website at www.mybalancenow.com.
  • Provide your card number first in the box and then put expiry date of the card in the below box.
  • Enter you CVV number at the end and click on ‘Go’ button.
  • After getting access to the account you can check your current amount in your gift card and other payment status also.

Now you can check the balance on your Target gift cards whenever you want. After registering once you will not have to go through that process again and you just need to go to website and follow steps 12 through to 14.

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