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How I Can Activate My Aline Card By ADP

In the same way that it is easy for employees to deal with their accounts online it is getting easier for employers to pay electronically. With so many employees and bank accounts to deal with it is ideal to be able to pay with the myAline card. With the need to cut costs it is best it is done in areas such as payroll rather than by cutting staff. As staff get to pick the system best for them then everyone wins.

Whenever an employee gets a new card it has to be activated

Before Activating A New Card:

  • Don’t destroy the old card until the balance has got to zero.
  • Empty the card however you can – ATM, purchasing via Visa debit or getting cash back.

Activating The New Card:

  • This can be done by calling 877-237-4321
  • If you want to do this online you can do so providing you have your card with you.
  • Log on to www.mycard.adp.com  and select the orange box to the right that says “activate my card.”
  • Once you have been taken to another page, you need to enter the number that is on the card into a box. This is a long number and is clearly shown on your debit card. Make sure it is entered exactly as it is on the card to prevent being delayed.
  • You then need to click on an arrow that will let you select the month the card expires.
  • You then need to click on an arrow that will let you select the year the card expires.
  • Finally you need to let your employer know that you have changed cards and the new one has been activated. If you don’t do this they will not know to pay you to the new card.

It is a short and easy process to activate your myAline card by ADP. Once done the card can be used for a variety of transactions and can be taken from job to job. Without activation you cannot use it and there can be a delay before you can get your money.

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