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Use Client Line For Merchant Login Access

Client line is a site that allows merchants and none merchants to manage all of their electronic transactions. It is a web based tool that reports days worth of transactions, is easy to use and as you would hope, fully secure.

How To Get Online Access?

  • First of all you need to go to the website and this can be found at www.myclientline.net .
  • Click “enroll” button.
  • When beginning you need to enter your Merchant number so make sure you have this with you when you are registering.
  • Fill in details of your Business Checking Account
  • Next fill in your Tax ID. If you are not based in the United States there is no need to fill in this piece of information. If you are based in the US then by filling in the above information it will save time registering as you will not have to provide additional information.
  • Next put in your first name
  • Then enter your last name.
  • Put in your Zip code – Postcode if you are outside the US
  • Fill in your phone number
  • Enter your email address.
  • Re enter your email address ensuring it is exactly right both times.
  • Next is a drop down box and here you select your language. You have English, Spanish or French to choose from.
  • Choose one of the four security questions that are given
  • Fill in the answer for this
  • There are then two boxes with random numbers and letters and both of these must be entered into separate boxes. This is to prove that it is a person that is filling in the form.
  • If you have made a mistake there is a box that allows you to rest but if it is fine you can press continue
  • You need to set a user ID
  • You need to select a password.

It is just the user ID and password that will be needed when you are registered and ready to log on. If you forget either, you can alert the site to this and they will be able to send you reminders and you will soon be online and using the site.

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