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Enroll To Access Credit Keeper Account Online

Everyone wants to have a good credit score and by keeping yours clean, you will find you have access to the best monetary products on the market. Here you can register for online access and always know where you stand. You will get the reports that are held on you by the top 3 credit reporting agencies and be notified if things change.


  • To begin with you need to log on to the website www.mycreditkeeper.com.
  • When you joined you will have been given a membership number and this needs to be used for online access.
  • Put in your last name.
  • Put in your address – this needs to be the number, street name, City and State.
  • Put in your Zip code
  • The next stage is to enter your phone number.
  • You need to give a valid email address and without this you will not be able to continue
  • Verify your email address
  • You will need some security information and your mother’s maiden name is one that will be used.
  • You need to choose a username and this should be something unique
  • Next choose a password.
  • Then you enter your date of birth.
  • There is a message that contains the terms and conditions and you need to tick to say that you agree to them
  • The final step is to click “submit”.

Logging In:

  • You will need to enter your username
  • Next you have to put in your password.
  • Click the sign in box and you will be ready to read your reports.

Now you can tell from week to week what information is held on you. You will know if checks are made on you and also find out if anyone has tried to take out a product in your name. As ever keep your details private as you don’t want all and sundry knowing the most intimate details of your finances. The information is as secure as your logging in details.

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