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Access Florida Department To Check Medicaid Status

Medicaid is program that the federal government offers to individuals who can’t find the money to get healthcare coverage. People can apply for Medicaid at county level in the state of Florida.  Filling out the application online or the old fashioned way (on paper) is very easy. If you want to sign up for Medicaid online or offline, you will be able to check your Medicaid status online or you can also choose to call a number that is toll-free instead.

How To Check?

  • Simply go to the access website www.myflorida.com/accessflorida then on the right had side of the webpage, look for and click on the “View Current Benefits” which is right under the section labeled “My Access Account”.
  • Next, sign up for an account on this website by signing up. You will need to provide the case number (you can also provide the 9 digit application number) you were assigned when you applied while completing your initial Medicaid application.
  • Then, create your username & password – ensure that you remember it (you should note it down so that you will not forget it when you need it for reference in the future).
  • Login to your account using the username & password you created. Then click on the “Account Status” located on the webpage’s left hand side. A listing of offered benefits will come up along with the dates/days of eligibility. Click on “Temporary Medicaid Card” in order to print a temporary card in order to provide proof that has an active Medicaid.

Tips And Warnings:

  • If you do not have internet access, then you will need to call a toll free number (1 888 367 6554). Please know that you will be required to use your case number or 9-digit application number in order to make the phone call.
  • Please know that it may actually take about 30 days in order to have your initial application approved for Medicaid benefits. When the Dept. of Children & Families establish your eligibility, you will be immediately notified via mail.

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