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Sign Up For Nodstrom Employee Account And Access Your Work Schedule

Signing up for Nodstrom employee account is very easy. All you need to do is to log on to the Nodstrom website (see link below) and navigate to the tab labeled “My Schedule” and select the “Login Instructions” under the “Help” option. After you have clicked on this link, you will immediately be directed to the step by step login instructions webpage.


Once you sign up for your Nordstrom employee account, you will be able to easily do the following 24 hrs/day and all time a week.

  • View your work schedule.
  • Apply for time off on your department schedule.
  • Link to My Pay and Info in  order to apply for time away.

Sign Up Process:

In order to log into your Nordstrom employee account for the first time, you will need to follow three steps.

Steps One – Obtain Your Registration Key:

  • A document that has your Registration Key will be given to you by the store administrator
  • As soon as you have your key, then simply follow the directions below.

Step Two – Create Your Security Questions And Password:

  • Visit the Nordstrom website www.mynordstrom.com . On the login webpage, simply type in your Employee Number and password in to the login field.
  • Go to “Nordstrom Employee” and then see “My Information”.
  • Now make note of “My Career” Username and email address.
  • Enter your all required personal information and go back to my career.
  • Click on “Request a password” and login into your email address you will find temporary password.
  • Enter the temporary password and set new one.
  • Click on the “Logout” link and then close the window.

Step Three – Log On To Mynordstrom.Com Site And Go To “MY Schedule” Tab:

  • Click on the link “Log in to My Schedule” under the “My Schedule” tab
  • Log in to your account with password that you have created.


You will be able to access your Nordstrom employee account anytime, anywhere and from any part of the world where there is internet connection.

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