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Get Access To Retirement Planning Calculator At American Funds

American Funds offers reliable and economical services concerning financial standards of individuals. You will be able to secure and determine your financial future and not have to worry yourself silly about other things. You will be glad to know the terms and conditions of American Funds investments are pretty comfy to provide you with the type of satisfactory results that you desire. American Funds also offers you access to its retirement planning calculator.

What is the Retirement Planning Calculator Used for?

The American Funds’ Retirement Planning calculator can be used in order to find out just estimate money you may require when you retire and whether or not your present savings plan will get you to your target. The results of the calculator will provide you with a chart that will compare your predictable savings to your retirement objectives. You will then have the opportunity to attempt different situations in order to see just how to transform in your saving plan may affect your outcome.


Quick Analysis:

This calculator contains four questions and takes maximum 5 minutes to complete.  The Quick Analysis calculator is used to take a fast look at the outlook of your retirement. This version is good for individuals who do not have various savings. To use this version, click on the “Quick Analysis” indicator.

Detailed Analysis:

  • This version contains fifteen questions, which will take 15 minutes to answer. Utilize this version if you wish to type in more information concerning your personal circumstances and retirement investments. To use this version, click on the “Detailed Analysis” indicator.
  • After choosing the version of the retirement calculator that you want to use, then you will need to point out your marital status. If you and your husband/wife have plans of retiring at different times, then you should think about running the Detailed Analysis version of the retirement calculator independently for each partner and simply click on the “Single” indicator instead of Married.
  • Then click on the “Next” button
  • Then you will be required to provide information such as your date of birth, current earnings before taxes, and investments you wish to utilize for retirement income and other require information.
  • Then click on the “Calculate” button.

Go to American Funds Website: www.myretirement.americanfunds.com  to view more options.

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