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Get Online Access To Your US Bank Rewards Account

You will be pleased to know that getting access to your US Bank account is easy and carried out over a secure system. Now that you have the card you will be able to use it in the same way that you would use Visa or Mastercard debit cards so you don’t want to be hindered when it comes to checking the account.

There are just a few steps to getting access to the information and it is an incredible quick process. You can log in even if you have not registered your card but there is just one slight difference.

Getting Access To My US Bank Account:

  • To begin with you need to go to the website of US bank and that can be found here www.myusbankcorporaterewards.com.
  • You will see a sign that says returning card holders and this is where the information is added.
  • The first thing you need to do us enter your card number. You will be best to have this with you in case you cannot remember it in its entirety.
  • You will also be asked to put in part of your phone number – this is the last 4 digits.
  • If you have not registered your card these will not be recognised but you can still carry on by entering 9999 instead of the real last 4 numbers of your phone number.
  • Finally you will enter the 3 digit number that you have and you have now completed entering the information required.
  • Press login and you will be taken to the page you want. Any mistakes you have made will mean you cannot continue so take care when entering the information.

Once you have done this you will be able to carry out a number of checks such as your card balance and also a history of the transactions that you have made. If you want to be able to purchase online or over the phone you can set that up and also check out the answers to any questions you have.

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