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Get Access To V-Connect Account Online

There are times when you need to make an important call but are not in a position to do so. One of the main times this will happen on a regular basis will be if there has been a prison sentence imposed. Running out of money while inside and yet still needing to talk to people at home can be very worrying, but there is now a way that this can be done and you will always be able to get in touch with your loved ones.

Thanks to the V-Connect Advance Pay Service a call can be received from a prisoner as long as the prison is serviced by VAC.  There will no longer be any restrictions on collect calling. There are many ways to put money into this account and this included cashier check, debit card, credit card and money order. In fact the only way this cannot be done is through a personal check.

Getting An Account:

  • The first thing to do is go to the website and the address for that is www.myvconnect.com .
  • The first decision you need to make is whether you want to set up the account in English or Spanish. Click the button of the one you want and you will be taken to the instructions in that language.
  • If you are using the site for the first time you will enter your phone number and access pin then press log in.
  • You will be taken through to the page you need to fill in to allow you to set up the account.
  • Once you are set up you will get an access code.
  • When you next log in you put in your phone number and the access code and you will be through to your account.

Talking on the phone is not going to be the same as having your loved one at home with you, but while that is not possible phone contact is the next best thing. Thanks to V-Connect you are only a phone call away.

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