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Get Registered For Your WM Total Reward Online Account

Waste Management is a company that covers all aspects of recycling, disposal services and resource recovery. They have set up a system for their staff that they call My Waste Management Total Rewards.  With an account it is easy to contact the benefit and human resources services available and the account is easy to set up.

The ability to get easy access to the details of your benefit options as well as being able to see your health plan, it is clear that registration is the sensible thing to do as there will be times when you need quick access to the information held.

How To Register?

  • The first step is to log onto your computer and go to the website www.mywmtotalrewards.com .
  • Make sure you have your Social Security number with you as you will need this as part of it is going to be used to prove your identity.
  • You will see the words “Register as a new user” and this is at the top of the right hand side of the page. Once you have clicked on this you will reach the page where you enter the information that will identify you as a genuine employee.
  • Put in the last four numbers of your social security number in the space provided.
  • Enter your date of birth – make sure it is in the correct format.
  • Click on the “continue” button and you are ready to go.
  • There will be instructions that you need to follow to allow your User ID to be set up.
  • Once you have done this you will be ready to log in and read all your details.

Setting up and using the account is going to save you a great deal of time and will put a lot of information at your finger tips.  Using the system is as easy as the registration process and as with all online systems that hold personal details of you and your finances, the details that allow you to log on should be kept private.

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