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Sign Up To Offender Connect Account Online

Offender Connect Account is a website which provides you an opportunity to connect yourself to your family, relatives and your friends which are anywhere in other country. Traveling to that place is of course a bad option so why to make your family wait for so long and also wasting a lot of money by traveling there. Here is a best option to stay in touch with them very conveniently.

Instructions To Create An Account:

If your loved ones cannot come to you, go to them by following some very simple steps for signing up for an account.

  • Simply go www.offenderconnect.com and follow a simple procedure of signing up.
  • Signing up for the same requires you to agree to the terms of using it.
  • Next step is the account setup which requires your basic personal information.
  • Then next there will be the facility setup where you need to select your state and locate a particular facility under the search option.
  • Under the facility setup only you need to select the checkbox where you can also add additional facilities.
  • After this you will find various discount and special offers for signing up like you can print a free Prescription Savings Card by creating an account.
  • Then you need to verify your details you signed up with.
  • Do not forget to confirm your mail id by login to the email you provided, you will get a confirmation link and you are ready to use your account to connect to your family.

Tips And Warnings To Use Your Account:

 You are now ready to use your account after you confirm it by your email account. You just need to click on the link and sign in with your user id and password and have an instant access to your account. Add recipients to your account and get connected with your family at your comfort with 24- hour access. Always remember to make timely deposits by visiting your convenient places which suits you best.

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