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Pandora Samsung SetUp Guide

Pandora is proved as custodian of music genome project as it describes the fundamental attributes of the songs and organizes the songs through the mathematical algorithms. Due to licensing restrictions the media providing services are limited in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

About Pandora Internet Radio:

From a webcast with the help of live streaming of audio signals, audio services are provided by internet radio. In podcast you can enjoy a song after downloading the song but this is much more different and easy way to enjoy a song. The unique recommendation facility and organization is the cause of edge competition of Pandora application in the web radio industry. A record of stations which are frequently listened by its users are kept and also the songs which are bookmarked by the Pandora user is saved by the application, these two properties of this service is different and unique which makes its use easy and often.


  • Internet enabled laptop, PC, or any mobile computing device
  • A Samsung basic phone or smart phone which can access internet


  • Visit : www.pandora.com/Samsung
  • Pandora service is just needed to be activated as it is already present in your Samsung handset, for this purpose from your Samsung mobile phone select the Pandora option
  • After selecting the Pandora option a welcome is appeared which will show you your activation code
  • If you could not find activate Pandora on your set an option below entry code “where do I find the activation code” is present, by clicking on it you will be guided to find your code
  • In other cases if you forget your activation code you can have a new code jut by clicking a link “I forgot my code”
  • On the webpage there is an entity asking for activation code, write the activation code shown on the Samsung mobile in the given field
  • There is a button “activate” click on it
  • Follow the net given instruction to complete the activation process


Demand for internet radio and television is increasing day by day on the market level. The people with busy life styles can get benefits from this application as they can remain in touch with the entertainment world.

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