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Win PCH Instant Prizes By Playing Easy Games

Now you can easily enter the sweepstakes by pch.com and win instant free prizes. PCH offers you a chance to win wonderful prizes easily by entering their sweepstakes just by following the particular procedure. The guide to follow the procedure is mentioned below.


The things that you require for getting entered into the sweepstakes contest are:

  • Your account on PCH website.
  • Internet.


You can get the chance to enter the contest through many different ways which are listed below.

  • First of all go to the website www.pch.com.
  • By PC Lotto you can win prizes instantly. You have to pick eight (8) numbers for each contest. First of all sign-up with PCH and when your receive confirmation the next day, pick the numbers.
  • Another method is to play with PCH. You can register for games. There are multiple card games word games, games related to sports and casinos. You have to win token to get to spin the wheel where you collect more tokens in order to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The other game that you can play is PCH trivia.
  • There are PCH scratch cards as well.
  • The most fun way to win money with PCH is to take the PCH quiz. You take the quiz, you get 15 seconds to answer the questions.
  • There is PCH search and win method as well where you can search and win for the free tickets and benefits.


There are many benefits to enter the sweepstakes are numerous.

  • You can get cash prizes.
  • You can win other gift hampers.
  • You can enter to give your feedback to the company.
  • The more you play, the more you can get to win.
  • You can get in through many different ways to win, the contest is easy and user friendly.

About PCH:

PCH is an abbreviation for Publishers Clearing House. It was established by Harold Mertz. The headquarters of PCH are in Port Washington, New York, United States of America. Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company which is direct and multi-channeled as well. The purpose of the company is to offer household merchandise and magazine subscriptions too its consumers. As it is a firm which is based on direct marketing, so the company has no retail office.

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